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Google Chrome Meet Webinar – How to Capitalise on the Growing Pets & CBD Market

NUOPTIMA in collaboration with Alphagreen presents the webinar How to Capitalise on the Growing Pets and CBD market, alongside Heidi Whitman, Director at CBD Labs, Robert Jappie, Partner at Ince and Alexej Pikovsky, CEO of Alphagreen.


Global Pet Market- a snapshot of the evolution and trends US, EU, SA and LATAM
UK Stance of Pets and CBD Explanation
Clinical Research History of CBD use in pets
Current Global Market
Market Share Analysis brief discussion
Global Trends
Competitive Landscape
Market Drivers
Unregulated and Growing
Marketing Challenges and Solutions


Robert Jappie – Partner at Ince

Robert is one of the few lawyers in the UK who specialise in Life Science and Cannabis Regulation for the UK and Europe. He headed the UK’s first dedicated Cannabis Law department which launched in 2018. With the availability of medicinal cannabis and CBD products increasing across the UK and Europe, he is one of the leading legal authorities on the developing regulatory environment.

Robert currently acts for several established CBD brands, Licensed Producers, Medicinal Cannabis companies and distributors, advising on the full range of regulatory and commercial issues facing the sector. In addition, he provides specialist advice and representation on a range of Life Science Regulatory issues, including Covid-19 Regulatory Submissions.

Heidi Whitmen – Director at CBD Labs

Heidi is the founder of Naked Leaf, where she curated an alternative health, plant based, supplement range for people and their pets, exclusively made in the USA. She is a serial entrepreneur focusing on optimising lives in a variety of industries. Heidi also demonstrated a history of working in the animal and human health wellness.

Alexej Pikovsky – CEO of Alphagreen

Alexej is the Co-Founder and CEO of Alphagreen.io, Europe’s leading platform for CBD and alternative healthcare products. Utilizing his interest and involvement in tech-enabled services, Alexej aims to connect health-conscious consumers with the best quality CBD products on the market. Alphagreen enables brands to scale by providing access to a global audience.

Alexej began his career in investment banking at Nomura. He moved on to become a founding member of Delin Ventures, a venture capital arm investing in leading technology companies and VC funds. He acquired board-level experience as an investor for a large-cap private equity fund before founding Alphagreen.

Who is Alphagreen and NUOPTIMA?

Alphagreen is a vertically integrated e-commerce platform. Alphagreen owns NUOPTIMA, the leading CBD & Cannabis growth platform and alphagreen.io, the number 1 global marketplace for CBD products. With more than 160 brands and more than 2,500 products, alphagreen.io provides a data driven and curated one stop shop to customers. NUOPTIMA Growth helps brands scale by providing SEO, Advertising, Influencer marketing and Business Intelligence as a Service.


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