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The Garden Of Healing Dispensary has sponsored Stuart Roper of Armageddon Fit as his CBD Sponsor for around 2 years now. This has allowed to train and recover at a much higher intensity than previously before. It has also allowed him to get back into the world of Fighting with many belts and bouts at World Titles in his Kick Boxing and Boxing Fighting Portfolio. Stuart had to take a break from the world of fighting due to immense pain caused by Arthritus in his hands, wrist, feet and a few other places. This caused alot of distress, pain and less mobility and agility than he previously had to work with.

With a few months of taking a suggested concoction mixed by us consisting of 2500mg Mortality CBD isolate Drops mixed with 1000mg Garden Of healing Full Spectrum drops he was well on his way to top form. Having some of the best fights hes had and the ability to train faster, longer, ahrder, all pain free! He has on occassion also mixed in some StarFood with Monoatomic Gold which is also a great item to take when training, and even everyday life really, literally contains every vitamin and mineral you would ever need and more important than that, the monoatomic gold fcator, a very much under rated and not widely known product that we should all be taking as humans.

You can read and purchase all these products at www.thegohd.com


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