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How-To Infuse Starburst Candy with Infused Coconut Oil | Herbistry420

How-To Infuse Starburst Candy with Infused Coconut Oil | Herbistry420

So we attempted to make Starburst Candy with MCT Oil… and actually they came out fine. This works better with Coconut Oil but you can use MCT. In the MCT version I spilled soapy water on the final product but was able to save them by rinsing them with water and freezing them afterwards. This is definitely the prefered method to make the Starburst Candies. Once they fully harden in the fridge they will no longer sweat.

Note: Be very careful when making them… the candy is super hot and you could give yourself crazy burns if you are not careful. Do not try the candy until it fully cools or you may end up in the hospital!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Link to Decarb Video – https://youtu.be/vyYQn8JmLxw​​

Link to MCT Oil Video – https://youtu.be/3rEE05Urc0g (Done with a machine, but you can do on the stove keeping the temp at 160 degrees fahrenheit or 71 degrees celsius).

Note: Please be careful with dosing, I take zero responsibility for whatever you do if you follow this video.

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