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Emerald Triangle: A Closer Look

Pot enthusiasts know very well that some of the best cannabis comes from the Emerald Triangle – a legendary place not too far away, at least for those living on the West Coast. Their farmlands are next-level dope, literally and figuratively.

Cannabis is so abundant in the Emerald Triangle that people allege it grows so tall it resembles trees. The Napa Valley of weed sits on rich fertile soil basking in the sun, caught in a cool breeze. Such an environment makes it a perfect environment for growing pot in staggering quantities.

This article will attempt to demystify th triangle Emerald Triangle, where pot enthusiats will have a field day in its vast lands of kush, sour diesel and hundreds of other strains. You will learn about its history, notoriety and a bit more. Perhaps the nature of this triangle may draw comparisons to that other infamous triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Map of the Emerald Triangle along the North Coast of California. | Download Scientific Diagram

The Emerald Triangle comprises three adjoining counties, namely Humboldt County, Mendocino County, and Trinity County. Geographically, the Emerald Triangle lies in the northern region of California. It encompasses more than 11,000 square miles of rolling hills, verdant forests, woody mountains, and long stretches of coastline.

The Emerald Triangle enjoys a rare Mediterranean climate, a mix of dry summers, mild winters, regular rainfall, and humid conditions. This microclimate plus its proximity to the Pacific Ocean makes it conducive for cannabis, which is usually grown indoors, to thrive outdoors almost all year round.

For the most part, the Emerald Triangle is thinly populated, whose economic activity centers on weed. Residents in Eureka, a city in Humboldt County, and nearby areas have grown their pot or engaged in the cannabis trade for decades.

Interestingly, the triangle didn’t seek to be part of today’s multibillion-dollar cannabis agricultural industry, not in the beginning anyway. It started with love, or rather the Summer of Love, which is an event that took place in 1967.

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